There's nothing wrong with pursuing physical healing with God, just don't make it your primary focus. God doesn't.

There is a way to go about it and that starts with avoiding the stumbling blocks, those myths that so easily distract and confuse even the most ardent believers. The greatest myth starts with if we believe, obey, and confess, he will heal. There are several iterations of that myth that the Dragon uses to manipulate, exhaust, deceive, in to then defeat us:

  •  the key to my healing is my faith: great faith heals.
  •  If I stand fast in my faith, I will be physically healed in time and space.
  •  When I confess my healing I will be healed now.
  •  Prayer compels God to heal, but it must be the right prayer by the right person.
  •  Disease is God's punishment because of sin: unconfessed sin "finds us out" and manifests as sickness.
  •  In order to be healed, I must be touched by the right person.
  •  I can bargain with God for my healing: "if you heal me I will stop sinning, serve you, bring you glory, etc.… "

Each takes some element of divine truth and extrapolates from it with a human twist shifting both the prerogative and the responsibility from the healer to the patient. This creates false expectations and when unsuccessful, the potential for feelings of inadequacy and guilt. "Myths about healing tempt us to believe that the healing depends on us, on others or upon spiritual or religious rights and traditions. The truth is simply this: healing rests solely within the sovereignty of God's mercy."

So what good is faith when I'm sick? The truth is...

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