Beating cancer takes more than good luck and a good doctor, a high-tech medical center and exotic drugs. It takes a savvy patient capable of enduring the unexpected and  making critical decisions under stress. But every patient is caught off guard: few are acquainted with the foreign terrain of medicine and fewer still understand all the issues and elements of making critical medical decisions.

If you knew what's coming you could get better prepared, make wiser decisions, suffer less anxiety and enjoy more of life as well as help your doctors help you - and have a better outcome. You have to get involved. It is not an easy path, but it is a better path.



This is not a typical blog. It is a course on running the Bell Lap - that segment of life that begins when a cancer diagnosis rings your bell. It will provide you with the savvy, insights and guidance of other patients to make critical decisions and plan your life in spite of cancer. Every race has a beginning which in this case starts with a diagnosis. Everything in the blog will make more sense if you start at its beginning. Each step along the way will be numbered and delivered over 6 months - which may seem too long but I believe it is best digested a bit at a time.

It will walk you from diagnosis to treatment, remission to possible relapse, through the rest of life with cure or without - and beyond. It will teach you how to under stand and engage the medical community, how to relate to family and friends, how to find and cultivate hope - and how to take care of yourself and prosper in the midst of cancer.

See the Videos for patient stories that teach cancer life lessons.

See the Biology Section in order to understand cancer.

See the Caregiver Section to build a support community.


I have just completed 6 pretty strong sessions of chemo and subsequent 20 radiation sessions. I have not had a following colonoscopy nor pet scan to see if the cancer is gone.

Greetings Dr. Lane! I was one of the John Wright group you met with at The Hub 13 Oct. I'm the 85 year old Geezer of the group who has been in a Bladder Cancer Battle supporting my precious Barbie. We are now in the process of reading your "Cancer's Bell Lap Book" together. Sure wish we had You & your resources 4 yeas ago! Thrilled you are available now! We are devoted to Finishing Well! With the BIBLE & your book & blog as our support tools we think that we will be able to meet our Bell Lap Final Exams goal. Some of the Bible versus sustaining us these days are:IS 26:3, Ps 55:22, Rom 12:12, Ps 56:3, & Phil 4:2. Thank you for your ministry! May God continue to Bless You & Yours! Barbie & Ken Hollingsworth H:253.265-433


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